Sunday, 14 March 2010

Welcome. To Brown Town.

"Well what can I say? I'm a singer song-writer with a forester accent"

Seventeen-year-old Tom Browning from the Forest has earned himself some limelight after landing management with local business Music Industry Services.

I managed to pry him away from his guitar with some questions and he responded as any well raised lad should, humbly, appreciative, and a little overwhelmed...

How would you describe your music?
Chilled and laid back, the sort of stuff you listen to after a bad day at work, or a good day to boost your happiness!

Talk me through your album 'Here Today'
The album took me about 8 months to write, from the day I started to about June. All the tracks I wrote and released are on there. If you listen to it you’ll probably notice a lot of changes in style. I like to add a mix to my music! The latest tracks on the page are from the new EP which has only been released on MySpace, the tracks can’t be bought anywhere but that’s soon to change what with Itunes exposure!

Great Things - This song is actually about a friend of my from my old school, he was a real nice kid and nobody saw it, they would use him if they wanted something and then abuse him when they didn’t. The song is written about people who are getting bullied, and telling others who are doing the bullying to do one.
Carry You Home - Probably one of my favourites, this song is written for my friends because it seems like I’ve faded away from them. This is to let them know I’m always going to be there no matter how far away I am.
Tonight I'm Yours, Always - This was written for a girl, suprise suprise. Well more about a childhood crush, usual young teenage drama!

What has the opportunity of management meant to you, and for all the other bands out there, how did you land it?
Well, what would it mean to anyone? The management is amazing, so much has happened in such little time and these guys have really boosted all that goodness that comes from the music. I had to go through a meeting with them to make sure I was up to standard and knew what I wanted, by Halloween they posted a 2 year contract to me, which I read, and re-read, and got others to read...and I signed it!

What inspires you to write songs?
Anything, everything and nothing! Literally, some days I have a bad day and can’t thing of anything. Others I write songs with catchy melodies and lovely riffs, which as soon as I play live has the audience singing along.

"I want people to drop all the bad times and live in the moment"

How did you feel hearing 'Lonely Hearts' on the radio?
I just couldn’t believe, I listen to the radio and hear things like Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson playing hoping someday I might get a chance to be on the radio, and sure enough I was given that chance. it was such a good feeling!

What do you want your music to mean to people?
I want people to feel like they haven’t got a care in the world, just to drop all the bad times and enjoy the moment.

Do you have any pre-show rituals? 
It normally involves having a beer, jumping around like a looney and doing some singing warm ups!

... Any life motos?
I do yes, "when your life flashes before your eyes, make sure you've got something to watch!" This is that keeps me going through the bad times. I know the good times will come when they come! My less serious moto is "take you to brown town!"

The best thing about the music business for you is?
Hearing people sing your words back at you. Honestly, I think it’s one of the best feelings an artist can ever have!

How young were you when you started playing?
When I was about 10, my Grand dad gave me and my brothers a little guitar to play with, still got it today!

Choosing from anything, what would you say is your biggest achievement so far?
My biggest achievement is everything I’ve done so far! I’ve enjoyed every moment of the music I do, and never take it for granted. I’m really proud of everything I’ve worked for.

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