Friday, 12 March 2010

On the flip side... meet A Dott, Grime MC

Fuelled by an internet-earned success, MC A Dott is recording his second album due for release later this year. Featuring at least eleven self-written songs, and collaborations with other local talents, the record reflects the ups and downs of life and fights back against the stereotypes given to this generation’s youth; “I’m working with kids that do grime, to Rasta style singers, talented in different ways but aren’t successful yet. Some might not have ever been in a studio.”

“My music is grime, I can do hip hop and all that but my comfort zone is 140 bpm.”
Alongside his manager and producer he is now launching Something From Nothing Enterprises. A company offering charity work, and help to similar artists in the forms of studio time to music videos. Though the plans remain on paper at present, the trio have secured funding for the project and it will be their main focus after the album is finished; “I believe that people who are doing positive things should get recognised, but unfortunately there is a lot of negative music from our scene that promotes gang crime, and that needs to tone down”
“There’s too much negative music that comes from our scene”

Despite a history of hate mail and doubtful attitudes A Dott has stepped forward to prove everyone wrong; “My step dad at the time always told me it was pointless because I will never make enough money to live on, and my mum never took any notice until I moved out and she started hearing of me and my music. My friends just thought I was going through a faze and so I never had much support, but that way I felt like I had to work towards them acknowledging my music. I have a habit of trying to prove people wrong!” His passion for writing developed at a young age, helping him to get through difficulties in life and sparking a sense of achievement within him. “There are some things I haven’t told my friends or family, I feel writing about it in a song helps me to deal with problems. I love the affect it has on me; it’s helped me cope with life”

“The friends I met online were the friends who taught me how to write my first lyrics.”

Use of the internet has help A promote his career as a Gloucestershire MC, and although record labels and national acts believe the rise of the net is bringing them down, for grass root acts, it’s a stepping stone into the business of music; “If the internet wasn’t around nor would my music. I’ve met people through the internet who’ve helped me. If I never had the net I wouldn’t have even started because the friends I met online taught me how to write my first lyrics”
Previous ventures have included a UK tour with American style rapper J-Jewls, in order to switch things up in the play of Macbeth, changing Shakespeare scripts intro lyrics; “I had the time of life on tour performing every day, building my confidence, and meeting people having interviews here, there, and everywhere! But there’s no better feeling than writing a song people like. Music is the only thing I feel proud of myself for”

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