Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The low down on Lounge Fly

On the road to mainstream success

Female fronted bands pose and automatic edge, and since the addition of Laura, it can’t be denied that this band is fiercely attractive.
Taking influences from the likes of Juliet and the Licks, Garbage, and Goldfrapp, Lounge Fly are in their own against Gloucestershire musicians, and are the ones to watch out for.
Described by NME as ‘FM buffed trash-rock’ – in a good way, it seems a feminine touch means a lot when coming to compose and deliver songs that are brassy, brave, powerful and intense.
I caught up with the pleasantly gritty six to talk about their souring success, having started out just over a year ago, with 2 EPs and a catalogue of on-line and on-air radio plays in New York, Australia, Germany and England, they have a constant rising reputation.
Feeling that they are now settled in their format as a six piece, they have plans of new releases, management, and plenty of gigs. Feisty front-woman Susannah Moffat  explains their new found line-up; “We' had a bit of a change around, our drummer left and Trev at the time was playing guitar. We auditioned unsuccessfully for about three months before Trev decided to play drums, and we offered Gaz the job on guitar.”
Laura joined them in July, providing backing vocals and taking over keys to give their front-woman a stronger onstage presence. The new addition has allowed Suz to adopt a vigorous onstage authority, connecting with the audience and offering bigger, energetic performances; “I think the general rule was that I couldn’t jump up and down onstage” she laughed.
Since Seven Simple Sins Lounge Fly feel they have swapped electronic noises for a punkier sound. “We were a bit pop rock in the first album, this is more straight rock. We might go in the direction of more electronic on the next EP” Suz clarified. Lap it up is the new five track EP, packed with attitude, from Lounge Fly who are already receiving praise and lapping up some well deserved attention.
Gaz added that they might tilt back toward the keys sound to exploit their full time keyboardist; “It’s nice because we’ve had time now to play live together and get used to it, you get a more organic feel as we know where each other’s coming from.”

“It’s not like we sit around waiting for ourselves on the radio” - Gaz

The six were modestly smug about their growing popularity in the airwaves, and recalled listening in to their first time on air as a disaster! “We had a band brunch barbecue in the summer, and the worst thing was the show was three hours and we were on about ten minutes before the end. We had a power cut, and the cooker turned off”, but Gaz was insistent that they didn’t wait around for themselves on the radio...
“Planet rock has been our main one, Rick Wakeman picked us up and played us over the summer, we’ve just sent off the new EP to him actually so I’m hoping he will do the same with that one!”
Gloucestershire’s own Rob Champion described their sound as “Edge and grit, and an attitude that bites” and invited them back to record an unplugged session last November after hearing their stuff.
One of their latest endeavours was devouring plenty of pizza while working a ten till ten day to record the video for new single ‘Lap it up’; a comment on celebrity culture and reality TV, how it all happens overnight and what happens when it goes wrong. They were all in agreement that it was a long but proud day! “It was recorded in the Daffodil restaurant in Cheltenham, we ended up with a lot of live footage which we liked, but the song was a last minute change” Songwriter Trev revealed; “We were going to do a different song with more of a restaurant theme"

Seven Simple Sins and Lap it Up is available for download on Itunes or Amazon
Check out their video at

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