Monday, 8 March 2010

Badlands Brothers Celebrate!

Cheltenham’s record store Badlands has been voted the UK’s best independent record trader, topping a total of 300 shops.

     The award, set up by the Entertainment Retailers Association through their new site made to support the remaining UK indie record shops, left Badlands brothers Steve and Philip Jump honoured that their customers had voted them number one. Steve said; “We were very pleased and flattered to have won the award, we didn’t have the opportunity to set up elsewhere, but who’s to know, we could have been in London, but there’s more competitiveness in London.”
     Dedicated customers and Gloucestershire’s wealth of people involved in its music scene have managed to give the popular store a well deserved title. The brothers and their eight staff celebrated with the £200 on Saturday evening.
     A high level of customer loyalty and their excellent knowledge on music and online selling have pulled them to the top of the bunch. They regularly email customers with updates and new titles; “People like customer service and they like specialist. Not everyone likes the high street where, every shop is the same; every high street looks the same. It’s not a very good shopping experience” Steve added.
     Unique side projects such as a travel agency offering trips to see big bands such as U2, and The Rolling Stones, and an unofficial Bruce Springsteen fan club has pulled trumps on supermarkets and mainstream shops; “In the tough economic times you have to be resilient and initiative, introducing new lines help. Things are always changing and businesses’ have to be dynamic.”
     Badlands, based on Saint Georges Place, doesn’t only support the big names, and are known for aiding gigs to promote the local talent; “We like to support local bands, and when bands come in with their music we are always happy to stock and sell it” Steve said.
     Steve and Philip will also be celebrating their 25 years of trading at the end of the year.
     ERA Director General Kim Bayley said; “We have been overwhelmed by the public reaction to the site which has revealed the genuine affection music fans feel towards indie shops. Badlands is a very worthy recipient of this honour.”
     The brothers trust that Gloucestershire’s commitment to backing local independent retailers is a strength that won’t fade in the coming years. They thank everyone for their support and trade since their opening, and hope to continue their selling success in the future.

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