Artist Blurbs

Screamin 88's
Make sure you’ve got room for one more in your music collection. Meet the Screamin 88’s. The epiphany of all that’s girly and gothic, some glossed-up grunge and modern metallics are hitting Gloucestershire with force, so keep an ear out. These five are everything that’s contemporary. The Screamin 88’s are made up of vampire-inspired lyrics and muscular riffs that would stand out on any music channel. Feared by men, it’s an unsaid rule that female-fronted bands pose an automatic edge, and with the ability to perform such clear cut metal intromentals (intro’s and instrumentals) makes for some powerful music. Loved by the BBC ‘Introducing’ they have developed a distinctive charisma, sending them in a new found direction since a rewarding regroup last year. Self proclaimed as ‘Hardrockvampirezombiemurderdeathkillmusic’ Screamin 88’s have hardly pigeonholed themselves, and are set to venture from their home town in Cheltenham starting with Swindon’s Sugarhill Festival 2010.      
The Crowd
Four down-to-earth lads who live for music, subway and the ladies are busy representing everything that’s mainstream in Gloucestershire. The Crowd are another amazing talent from the valleys. Interesting, up-beat, and sometimes acoustic, these four youths are at the fore front of modern indie-pop-rock, and have already created quite a stir in their home town of Stroud. Recognised by Steve Lemacq of the BBC in 2008, The Crowd are making a name for themselves and adopting quite a following. Supporting Stroud legends, Pendragon, who are returning home during their tour in May really highlights the potential of the band. A handful of varying influences such as Bloc Party, Elton John, The Libertines and Bjork has mixed up some ear catching tracks made for all kinds of play, from festivals to bedrooms to bars and clubs. Give them a listen, and again, and again...and maybe again. I know you’ll want to.      
Amy Spencer  
A fabulous portrayal of the talent in Gloucestershire, small town girl Amy Spencer was made for bigger things. Inspired to write music only four years ago, her sound is already flourishing, flawless and mesmerising at a delicate age of sixteen. Amy is not a stereotypical acoustic act, she’s bringing you a strong, addictive voice, and mixing of genres; melodic rock and pop with flair that has revealed itself swiftly. Her music could sing you to sleep at night or bring a burst of elegance into your morning. You won’t be able to get enough of Miss Spencer which is a good thing, as she is up for some well deserved recognition. Dreaming of a successful music career this lady might well become a Gloucestershire success story. With a likeness to artists in the airwaves, she seems to be succeeding in the soundsteps of already national names. Watch this space.
Coxon's Riot
Behold the quirky, genre-bending, life loving, floor filling act that is Coxon’s Riot. Your new favourite band. Described as an energetic six piece from Cheltenham making music you will really want to wrap your ears around! Fusing ‘indie jangle and ska’ they are unique in their own right creating some contagious sounds in the form of power pop. After playing together for years in garages and gardens, home-brewing their distinctive style the six-some have grown into a Cheltenham name among local pups and festivals, and have matured together as a band to produce some dance ready melodies. Recently bestowing some promising new material on their site, these chaps are churning tunes as fast as they play them. Their last EP was released in September 09 promptly following their March teaser Bedroom Demos. Coxon’s Riot are always on the go, expect to hear breakneck songs with little in-between. 
Ryan Martin and The North Ship  
Ryan has a back catalogue of positive reviews and they certainly aren’t for nothing. His softly sung voice with the addition of Cheltenham household names Charlie Baxter, Tristan Baylis and Damien Weedon, the magic really happens. Putting one up on Ryan’s solo perspective, the four manage an impressive fourteen-ish instruments between them, fusing vocals,  3 Guitars, tin whistle, harmonica, ukulele, double bass, bass, piano, electro noise, drums, cahoon Drum, percussion, slide guitar, and the banjo... talk about a stage full! The North Ship is really mixing up their sound allowing for a variety performance with Mr Martin on the front line. These lads take influence from life experience over musicians, leading a fulfilling life of music, mayhem and ‘having a damn good time!” Appreciated at open mic and acoustic nights, and supporting the likes of A Plastic Rose, Ryan and the North ship are attracting some well worthy attention.