Friday, 12 March 2010

Interview revelation

So I've been interviewing bands and general music people from the 'Shire, and talked my way onto the guest list for Cheltenham's Exposure music awards with a chance to interview the winners. 
One bad point about me? Sweaty palms, stuttering and a quite obviously intimidating dicta-phone might stand in the way of some smooth conversation.
Who'd have thought that interviewing local small town bands would give me the quivers. I was always shy when I was little, and when I got older... and even, actually, when I turned 22 last week. Not great.
But I enjoy it! Listening to my  nervous and nauseating voice is made up by usable entertaining quotes that make for some colourful writing. If I could front a band and play on stage every night , even to three people at the Frog, Slaks or Cafe Rene, I'd be one happy not-trainee journalist. Seeing as that is NEVER going to happen I may as well relish in the lives of people I envy. 
My opening interviewing techniques, as those inspired by Jancee Dun, American journalist for Rolling Stone are as follows...

  • Approach with caution.
  • Never open with a sentence that sounds parental "Well! Looks like someone had a late night!"
  • Pay attention to the drummer, this will get the other band mate's (particularly the singer's) competitive spirit in action.
  • Never use quotes from the drummer
  • Avoid reminding them of a fan
  • Never lead with the word 'I'
  • If things get awkward have a quirky fact they might not know about themselves, i.e total Youtube hits...ease the tension!
And if I had the confidence or grace to pull them off, all my stories would front page leads.

But they're not.

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