My e-diary

Entry 1 - In need of inspiration

Sat in my room with goose bumps or pimples or whatever you want to call them. The point is I'm chilly and too lazy to put on some sleeves. Watching the rain outside, with biscuits, tea, music channels and magazines looking for inspiration to spark my creativity, following a few days of off-beat mindedness.
Listening to, or rather watching the new music on MTV Rocks, all of which I've never heard - which is refreshing. Reading Q in an attempt to steal some witty words and unconventional clich├ęs that people will  reckon I'm genius for thinking up. Thing is, I feel like I could write any of that. It's just words -  but maybe I wouldn't think to put those particular ones together. 
FLORENCE! I love live performances....on MTV with Dizzee Rascal. Perfect, maybe this will encourage my current lack of writing skills. The Machine and her album has been blowing my speakers lately. *Random Fact*.
Also wondering what's with people writing and Capping Up Every Word. I don't get it, and  it's a pain in the ass to proof read when email interviewing someone. So please don't do it.
I'm Done. I quite like blogging.