Wednesday, 28 April 2010

On the flip side... meet Ted O'shay, Electro DJ

"Tough beats, driving bass, sweeping synths and uplifting melodies all rolled into 8 minutes of pure filthy highly charged trance"
Filthy, Dirty, and downright doin’ it. Releasing a new album that is.
I sat in a call centre hating my job, in a recession where there was a lack of jobs going in the country. I realised one day that I have a passion for music, the drive to succeed and a bank of tracks all ready and begging to be released to the world.”
He’s back. Ted O’shay, a Gloucestershire house DJ, producer and big name among the electro lovers is on a mission to fade out the fade out of underground trance vibes that commercial clubs are beginning to reject.
Founder of Filth Factory and a member of The Deck Whores, O’shay is using his wicked ways to bring the intensity of electric beats to a paramount position on local decks.
Exposing a darker, aggressive side to the genre
But his upcoming, forth album Facebonk is taking a down-tempo turn, being released in time for the festivals.
Facebonk is a little different to what I would normally write. It came about by me just playing around with a few sounds and rhythms, and a progressive track was born. I love it when I sit in front of a blank screen and watch this track blossom in front of me, each track is like a journey. I base the singles on up and coming styles of the time, for example you tend to find the dirtier tracks released spring and autumn and the more progressive tracks with the Ibiza vibe for summer. I will be out and about at club nights across the UK and listening to tracks that other DJs play. I tend to over analyse them; how they are written, what sounds they use, how they are constructed and how the DJ mixes in and out of them. Dakota seem to be doing it really well at the moment, they’ve had Simon Patterson, Judge Jules, Pete Tong and Dave Pearce all playing along-side our home-grown talent. So, hats off to them! There are actually loads of people like Lizzie Curious, Simon Pisani, Siytek and Ash Scott who are doing so well for themselves in Gloucestershire. Trouble is, when you get massive nights happening around you in Bristol, Cardiff and Birmingham, promoters tend to get a little wary of bringing in the big names. It’s feared the people of Glos are already heading out of the county and won’t appreciate it. So, if we could get some more big nights going in Gloucestershire, I think we would be on to a winner!”
“It would be amazing if I heard it some-where like Global Gathering, Creamfields or Dance Valley!”

 I’ve spent years writing and producing the tracks as well as a year networking, building websites, getting contacts from social networking sites, accepting friends on Facebook etc. I know the hard work hasn’t finished either, there’s so much more to come! But it just goes to show that if I can do it, any-one can!”

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